The Wolf Project – A Book To Give You A Warm Glow

A novel from Wendy Mason (now Wendy Smith).

“Wendy Mason has created real, rounded characters, a well-described backdrop both in London and in Washington DC, and a story that keeps you engaged and turning the pages right to the end. It’s the perfect antidote to a chilly day, especially if you can add a warm fire and a glass of wine to the mix.”

For Liz Morris, the last few years have been hard. She had been a successful TV writer. Then her marriage broke up and she lost both her money and her confidence.

Now, she has been asked by the formidable Annabel Meadows to help her husband, retiring American General, George “Jet” Meadows, write his autobiography.

But Liz doesn’t want the work. Why would she want to swap the simple life in her little cottage in Wales for such a large, complicated project and a life among strangers? Plus she suspects the General’s wife fancies being the romantic lead. And Liz believes there will be very little real romance around a working 21st century general.

Then the roof falls in – literally – and Liz needs money to repair it.

The Wolf Project shows age is no barrier to falling in love but its complications will pull at your heart strings. See how just one decision can change your life forever. For Liz, the journey leads her to London, Washington and Paris but what is it taking her towards?

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