Sleet – a reflection on what is outside my window

Here is what Wikipedia says about sleet

“Sleet is a regionally variant term that refers to two distinct forms of precipitation:

  • Rain and snow mixed, snow that partially melts as it falls (UK, Ireland, and most Commonwealth countries)
    Ice pellets, one of three forms of precipitation in “wintry mixes”, the other two being snow and freezing rain (United States)”

I guess the ice pellet bit is what we in the UK would call hail.

What I know is that today we have sleet outside my office window  and it is thororughly miserable. This stuff isn’t anything except the coldest of rain that isn’t snow. And it certainly doesn’t have that wonderful risky edge. Snow brings beauty, adventure and more than a little touch danger. Snow makes us stay longer in places we didn’t choose but may bring rewards.

Sleet is boring, mundane and depressing. Is it werdly and passively portentous? Do you like the idea of that – passively portentous? Is that even possible? Portentous –  of momentous significance – could it ever be that? No, that gives sleet too much signifciance. This form of precipitation is just nasty and makes you think of a low level, continuing discomfort!

Worse to come?

Given this is only the 11th day of December, it is likely to lead to something worse. Worse that is if you think in terms of icy fog and slippery walk ways in dark, gloomy evenings. So, instead we have Christmas, the festival of light, and log fires to light up that gloom.  May be that is why religions emerged in the first place. As soon as our evolving ancestors became sufficiently self-aware to comprehand their own mortality they needed superantural hope to lighten up the immortal gloom. See where sleet can lead you.

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