Your Author’s Life as a Writer

Your Author’s Life as a Writer

Life as a Writer – I have always loved writing.  I can remember how much I enjoyed essays at school, though perhaps my early efforts were a bit too florid for the times.  I was told at the age of nine that my writing was too passionate – which now seems quite bizarre.

In my teens I wanted to be a lyricist. I suppose everyone wanted to write pop songs in the sixties! I still enjoy writing to a beat.

Slowly my song writing morphed into writing poetry.

I knew that I wanted to be a professional writer.  I was dissuaded from launching out as a journalist which is now one of my few regrets in life.  Instead, eventually I fetched up working as a Civil Servant where the ability to put pen to paper was clearly useful.

My creative gift, such as it was lay dormant for a long time.

I wrote poems sometimes, which were published in obscure journals, but that was about all! The most successful of my work at that time was on the subject of slavery, Middle Passage Remembrance, which was published in 1990.

I did try writing short stories but they never really appealed.  Somehow, they were not as satisfying to write as poetry, nor did I feel driven to create them in the same way.

I had settled for being a poet, albeit, of a fairly modest kind!

Things changed. When I left the Civil service and launched out as a blogger.

To blog successfully means building up your readership and that happens when you blog frequently. So I got into the habit of writing 300 to 500 words (the length of an average blog post) five days a week. It was great training.  Then in the middle of 2012 a little occurred; the plot of the my first novel, The Wolf Project, started to come into my mind. You can find out about that and what happened next at this link.

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