Disque Bleu Et La Vie En Rose

I fell in love with Edith Piaf a very long time ago.

I was fourteen and crazy for all things French.

At that time in our lives most of us fantasize about finding the great love. Girls did it when I was young and I hope they do it still.

We try to imagine what it will be like.  Most of my ideas about love came from reading Françoise Sagan ; “a charming little monster”.  Then I discovered Piaf and love on a completely different level; love in the bones and soul as well in the heart and the flesh.

Piaff’s voice wreaks of pain, as my breath must have wreaked of the forbidden Gauloises Disque Bleu cigarettes.

I can’t remember how I came to own a recording of La Vie En Rose.  But I can remember the days leading up to my 15th birthday very well.  In the twilight, not wanting to switch the light on to spoil the mood and dreaming to the sound of her voice singing this over and over again;

“When he takes me in his arms and speaks softly to me, I see life in rosy hues. He tells me words of love, words of every day. And in them I become something. He has entered my heart”

This is her signature tune. She co-wrote it with Marguerite Monnot, the composer. According to the story, it was published under someone else’s name only because he was licensed to publish and Piaf was not.

For me, this the most perfect love song and it is ageless.

It was the most popular of her songs by far, until she sang Non Je Ne Regrette Rien, but that is another story.

If you would like to see, as well as hear, her sing the song go to this link.

If you just want to listen to what I heard all those years ago then here you are.


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