Beautiful Places – the Blue Pool, Llangollen

Blue Pool

If you drive up the  Horseshoe Pass just outside Llangollen in North Wales and know where to turn off you will find the Blue Pool.  These days it is also known as the Blue Lagoon and it is a popular swimming spot, but for experienced swimmers only! It is 40 feet deep and can be icy even in warm weather.  When I knew it first, I was a child and there was none of that!  Cars were rare and  it was considered remote and dangerous!  Therefore for me it was mysterious.  We would travel from my home in the Black Country to the bliss of the open spaces of North Wales!  If I was lucky early on Sunday morning, before church, we would drive up to see the Blue Pool.  Sometimes it was misty, making it doubly dangerous and slightly sinister!  No one swam in it then but I loved it!  Nowhere in the world, and I’ve travelled a bit, have I seen water quite so blue as it is in memory!  You can talk to me about copper sulphate levels and tell me the history of the slate mining that made it!  But for me its seems primeval, beautiful and as old as time!

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Places – the Blue Pool, Llangollen”

  1. Hi!

    When my husband and I were courting back in the 60’s, the Blue Pool up on the Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen was a favourite spot of ours but the first time we found it was a shock! We had borrowed an old van and we reversed up towards the pool just in case we couldn’t turn around when we got there.

    After a while, my husband decided to stop to see how far away we were from the edge! What a great decision because we had stopped just a yard from the edge of the Blue Pool!
    You couldn’t tell that we were so close – it just looked as if we were backing up to a stone wall.

    What a wonderful place! We will never forget it!

    Kind regards
    Anne Jones

    1. Thanks for your comment Anne. I am so pleased that the Blue Pool is magical for you too

      Best Wishes


      1. Hya thanks for the comment! Don’t know yet – still to see it – but will make sure I do now – it is fabulous if you like challenging rather than gentle beauty!

    1. Hi Sophie
      It was by mining for slate and deep for the same reason I guess. I believe it is considered safe only for experienced swimmers – so if you do swim there you need to be careful
      Warm wishes

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