Beautiful Statues Yakushirurikounyorai Buddha Statue, Japan (31.05m)


Fukushima City, the capital of Fukushima-ken is the southern gate to the Tohoku Region of Japan. It is located in a  basin surrounded by the Abukuma mountain region and the Azuma-Adatara mountain range. Thanks to its big seasonal change in temperature which creates a sharp seasonal difference in the climate, delicious fruit is available throughout the year and it has a reputation as a leading production centre for pears and peaches.   Along the Fruit-line route, you can enjoy picking or gathering a variety of fruit. Fukushima City is also called the “flower country” because it is famous for many kinds of flowers and the alpine plants of Mt. Azuma are also famous.

In this area, the two mountains stand out – Azuma and Adatara.  Deep in the these mountains lies a colorful hot spring – it is here you will find the Buddha.

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